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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  April 26, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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friends i've met here through the years, not gonna meet up here anymore. >> a business has closed and now the building burned. why some people say it's like losing old friends. good afternoon. i'm -- i'm tori campbell. we begin with the boston marathon bombing hospital being moved to a massachusetts
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prison. dzhokhar tsarnaev is now being treated in the fort devens army base prison. that facility -- that facility treats patients who require long-term medical care. the casualty figure shows that 260 people were injured in the boston bombs. that's far more than first reported. 31 people remain in hospital area trauma centers including many victims who lost their arms and feet. one charity group has already raised $25 million in individual and corporate donations to help pay the hospital bills. and the 11-year-old boy from martinez who was injured in the boston bombings is finally out of the hospital. but the healing process is just beginning. he's in a wheelchair.
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aaron hearn and his family decided to head out to the streets of boston yesterday where he was so badly injured. shawn thornton of the boston bruins gave him an autographed hat and a boston police officer took this pine off his uniform and gave it to the little boy -- pin off his uniform and gave it to the little boy. >> i cannot say much about how -- how amazing the staff at children's hospital was. >> aaron has had two surgeries for shrapnel wounds to his legs. he's still undergoing treatments in boston but should be clear to return back to the bay area next week. we now have more information about a suspicious object discovered early this morning in the east bay. a spokesperson for the alameda bomb squad tells ktvu it was a grenade that was found. it was found at 40th avenue and international boulevard with no parts.
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a person walking down the street first spotted it. police were alerted a they shut down the intersection. the police determined there was no danger and then reopened the roads. hayward police are searching for suspects in a drive-by shooting. it happened off tennyson road. police say two suspects in a car pulled up outside a home and started shooting. then someone inside the house fired back. a man on the porch was wounded in the foot and has non-life- threatening injuries. the chp is trying to figure out what led up to deadly accident in alameda. it happened on stone valley road near round hill road. the police say the driver veered off the road and hit a pole. the ditcher died at the scene. the chp says speed may have
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played a role in the crash. new at noon, brian flores is live in concord with how the center will be the nerve center for electricity throughout the bay area. good afternoon, brian. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. yeah. newing about dirt now. officials behind me just held a groundbreaking ceremony. but in 2014, this will be the home of the 37,000-electric grid center. this will quickly deploy services. this is one of three distribution centers planned for pg&e. one will be built in rockland, another in fresno and here in concord will be the third one. this building is important for bay area residents. this building will be the nerve center from the north grid down to santa cruz. it will incorporate smart use technology and the operators
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will have be able to -- will be able to reroute the electricity if there's an outage. >> it mean better service. whether they are an emergency from -- from a situation where a car hits a pole or whether it's a natural disaster. at the end of the day. it means our customers will get more prompt, reliable service. >> as for the city of concord, officials say they are excited as well that the center will be built here in the city, next to an existing facility as it will create 90 new jobs in the building and 250 construction jobs. >> once the center is built, it will stream line operations but also be built to high seismic standards and have emergency backup capabilities. the mayor says this will have a huge business impact as well for the city of concord. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. thank you, brian. investigators in fresno county say the woman killed in
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march by a lion may have accidentally caused her own death. they say 24-year-old diana hansen did not look the door of a feeding cage where the lion was kept. hansen's death is under a investigation by the fish and -- under investigation by the fish and wildlife department. the water just came on in oakland after a water main break. the pipe burst at 24th and harrison this morning. when east bay m.u.d. crews arrived, water was gushing out at about 25 gallons a minute. about a dozen homes and businesses in the area were without service until the pipe repairs were completed at 10:30 this morning. east bay m.u.d. says the break was likely due to an aging pipe. >> occasionally, we actually get pipes that are 90, 100 years old. the typical life of a pipe you hope to be 40, 50 years.
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>> according to the water company the 6-inch main that broke was 63 years old. ,. >> reporter: we're live outside oracle arena. i want to show you what's happening right now. there's a security sweep underway as we get ready for the playoff game. we'll tell you what plans can expect, what the coach had to say and why traffic will likely be a mess. the bay area's weekend warmup is beginning. rosemary is up in a few minutes with details on how hot it will be and for how long. and good news from a transit agency. how you can keep more money in your pocket.
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the historic building near downtown san jose was badly damaged by a fire overnight. the building was built in the 1880s and is located on south first street. ktvu's janine de la vega joins us live from the scene to explain why so many people will miss this building. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. fire investigators are searching through this historic building trying to figure out what started this fire. the destruction ask heartbreaking for people to -- is heartbreaking for people to see. person after person stopped on first street to stare at a piece of san jose history. this used to be a saloon during
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prohibition but most recently it was a bike shop, a ma and p museum. >> it's a san jose institution. there's no other mace like it. and there -- there's no other place like it and there will probably never be a place like it. >> reporter: before the fire, this building stood out because it leaned to the right much like the leaning tower of pisa. this morning there was fear the building would collapse. a ladder was brought in so the firefighters could peer inside. >> the firefighters came out, they did a search to see if there's any bodies in the second floor of the structure. >> reporter: fire investigators combed through the rubble, gathering evidence to try to figure out what caused the fire. former customers watched, bewildered. some considered this place a
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second home. >> the first time i came here i was 8 years old. >> reporter: anthony has built dozens of bikes. >> if you look at that bike right there, everything was out of a junk pile. >> reporter: the shop owner closed it a couple of weeks ago and moved out. there's actually a "for sale" sign posted on thing were now. but with this fire it's unknown what will happen here. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. arson investigators have labeled as suspicious the fire early this morning that destroyed six portable buildings that had just arrived yesterday on a school campus in san leandro. it happened at james madison elementary school right behind the offices of the san leandro unified school district. the fire spent flames as high as the treetops. it started after midnight. the portables had been brought in to provide temporary space during a renovation of the district offices. >> they were just delivered earlier in the day.
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they were nonoccupied. no electrical power to them as of yet. >> no one was hurt. investigators don't know if the fire was arson or accidental. it did not reach the school buildings and school went on as normal today. a.c. transit riders concerned about a fare increase set to take effect in july can stop worrying. reeve knew is on the rice -- revenue is on the rise, making the increase necessary. the district will review the complete fare structure and hold public hearing later this year. traffic in the east bay is expected to be very heavy this evening with the as playing at the oakland coliseum and the warriors at the arena. the warriors are returning home for the playoffs for the first time this season. and claudine wong is live in oakland with what players just said this morning about the game plus the extra security in
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place for tonight's game. claudine, good afternoon. >> reporte good afternoon, tori. yes. extra security, we can show you. you will can see alameda county out there. that's the bomb squad. they are about to do a sweep of the arena. it's going to be a packed house in there tonight, 20,000 people inside. it will be busy next door, too, because the as play tonight and all of this happens during the evening commute. so traffic will likely be a mess. there's no doubt it's nice to play at home. before sunrise crews were getting things ready at oracle arena. fans say they are ready. >> they play at home. >> reporter: we checked with players at the practice facility this morning. >> walking around, getting something to eat. everyone is expressing how proud they are, showing their appreciation and waiting to come see us tonight. >> reporter: the coach said us seth curry is still a game-time decision but also says this
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team is a no-excuse team that does not depend on a single player or the home crowd to get the job done. >> the crowd will not win a game tonight. it's gonna up to us to do the things we've been doing to put us in position. we will not be pulled into believing that that makes a difference against the nuggets. >> reporter: extra officers has been called in and so has the alameda county bomb squat. >> we'll do sweeps and bomb technicians will be on site in case somebody sees something we'll be able to analyze it right then and there. >> reporter: the hope is about basketball. there's shirt low gance, defend, unite and battle. >> i would say defend is crucial. battle is crucial. >> reporter: back live here at oracle arena, doors open at 5:30. game time 7:30. as play at 7:05.
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anyone who has been through this area knows that 880 is really busy on a good day. so expect a lot of activity here through the night. if you have to come through here, give yourself a lot of extra time. live here in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. well, the san jose sharks began selling tickets for round one of the nhl playoffs. a steady stream of people came to the ticket window starting at 9:30. it's the first time the tickets have been available for the stanley cup playoffs. the sharks don't know who they will pray or when until the regular season ends tomorrow. it's time for san francisco to pay up. so mayor ed lee is in baltimore right now working off his super bowl bet. mayor lee lost his friendly wager with stephanie rollings- blake, when san francisco team was defeated.
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he will paint and repair a police station and public -- tour public students. the federal aviation administration furlough controllers is part of sweeping federal budget cuts. the bill would left the faa shift money earmarked for airport improvement to pay the controllers. it would also prevent the closure of a number of small airport towers. the white house called the bill a band-aid but signaled the president would sign it. in syria, two government officials today said their military forces had not used chemical weapons against rebels. this is the first time syria has responded to claims by the u.s. that the weapons were being used against the syrian people. today's statement from syria
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prompted president obama stance that this could be a game changer that could result in a significant u.s. military response. president obama became the first sitting president to speak at a planned parenthood national conference. he says he will fight various efforts to -- >> someone there's a woman who just received a new lease on life because of a screening you provided that helped catch her cancer in time. somewhere there's a woman who is breathing easier today because of the support and counseling she got at her local planned parenthood health clinic. [ applause ] >> the president also said planned parent hood "is not going anywhere despite efforts by congressional republicans to cut off the funding." legendary singer george jones has died. ♪ honey that's for you
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it's not much but it's the best that i can do ♪ >> he died at vanderbilt university medical center in nashville after being hop iced with never and irregular blood pressure. over the course of his career, he recorded more than 150 albums. he was married to tammy wenette from 1969 to 1975. george jones was 81 years old. the biggest event ever held in napa county takes place next month and that has been residents concerned. the four-day bottle rock music festival will feature 60 bands, including the black keys, flaming lips and the black crows. they will perform on three stages at the downtown expo complex. local wine, beer and food will be available. neighbors worry about the 30,000 people expected to attend every day. >> it might blow up in their faces, they could have five days of crisis management.
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>> yeah we're breaking new ground. there's a little bit of trip kiddation -- tripped hiation, what is it -- trepidation, what is it gonna be? >> a four-day vip pass runs $600. a warming trend is aliving just in time -- arriving just in time. the skies are turning blue. the low clouds continue to burn away. giving you a live look, we still have a few areas socked in with fog especially along the coastline. some of those numbers where we're trailing behind has -- has to do with a later -- >> sorry. rosemary, we're having problems with your microphone shortly. just ahead, in addition to rosemary's forecast, why it's a good day for a top rival of
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apple. apple-- apple.
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we check back in with rosemary for more on the weather. >> yes, as i was saying. [laughter] >> good afternoon to you. antioch, you are notably warmer. 73 at this hour and i think it is the inland areas that are going to feel it most. 5 to 10 degrees above yesterday's highs. around the bay, anywhere from 3 to 5 degrees. some of those areas we're hanging on the 50s.
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that's because we've had a late burnoff. we're looking at a little big of fog. from ocean beach to pacifica, still socked in by gray. half moon bay, partly cloudy skies, mostly sunny. in time for the weekend, the ridge of high pressure is rebuilding. we are still get egg the morning clouds. the onshore breeze will be with us meaning the afternoon sea breeze for the second half of the day. it won't be as strong and the low clouds won't be as thick. saturday and into sunday, temperatures will continue to climb, i think sunday is going to be the warmest day. here is a look at the afternoon highs for today. 70 degrees expected for santa rosa. 68 for vallejo. low to mid-60s for berkeley getting into oakland. upper 60s for fremont. mid-70s in pleasanton. 67 san mateo, 72 redwood city and in the santa clara valley, 72 expected in san jose. if you are gonna see the as
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play, mostly cloudy skies mostly clear skies. it will be a cool one. your extended forecast with your weekend in view, there is the warming trend. just in time for the weekend. overnight lows will be cool. so if you have an soccer game, be prepared for that. a nice, warm afternoon saturday and sunday. monday, tuesday, dry and mild. >> thank you. >> you got it. taking a look at wall street, the sock market, kind of mixed today on -- stock market, kind of mixed today. it through 2.5%. not the 3.1 analysts were expecting. the dow is up 33. the nasdaq down 4. s&p is flat. the korean electronics company samsung reported -- reported record profits. a good part of that was due to strong sales of smart phones and that came before samsung began the first sales of the latest version.
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the profits in the first quarter hit 6.5 billion an increase of 42% over the same time period a year earlier. home prices continue to increase but today zillow says the national trend is slowing. zillow says home values were up half a% in the first -- half a percent. experts say that indicates the market is slowing and returning to a natural level of growth. people flying out of san francisco international airport this weekend may see delays. one of the main runways will be upgraded again this weekend. the work starts at 10:00 tonight and will continue through monday morning. that means only half as many planes as usual can take off and land and that can cause some delays. today on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00, the center for the bay area sports universe will be in oakland with the warriors and as playing at the same time. see how last week's bombings in
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boston are having a change, a big change, creating a big change tonight for fans going to either game. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you on and mobile have a great weekend.
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